My Encounter With God – Guido Scalzi

I returned to the monastery and began to read the Holy Bible in Italian. For my spirit and soul, it was like a fountain of water for someone that thirsts and sight for the blind. Each page brought new surprises and new light, like opened windows to the walls of a prison. Is it possible? Read More

A Monk for Twenty Years and then Born Again – Renato di Lorenzo

I would never have believed that I would leave the Roman Catholic Church, even less the priesthood. If someone had predicted it, I would have thought it impossible. I entered the Salesian Order at the age of fifteen, and in due time, I was ordained to the priesthood. PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_1 = [ { name: Read More

From Death to Life – Carlo Fumagalli

In the Higher Seminary of the Consolata at Turin (as is the case in every other Catholic seminary and college) the study was based on Aristotle’s Greek philosophy that, with theology, was a pre-requisite for all the higher academic grades in Holy Scripture. Roman Catholic theology is thus built up around pagan philosophy. The Bible Read More

The Word of God Came to My Rescue – Joseph Lulich

My name is Joseph Lulich. I am glad to be able to share with you what the grace of God has done in my life. I speak to you as an older man who has lived most of his life as an ex-Roman Catholic priest, one who once  served faithfully and sincerely the Roman church for fourteen Read More

From Polish Tradition to Biblical Truth

Former Roman Catholic, Tony Dilego, discloses his deep roots in Polish Roman Catholic family tradition. Follow along as Tony shares his early years as a alter boy and his logical progression to Biblical Salvation, and finally setting aside all traditions to embrace the Word of God. Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Read More

From Priest to Preacher – J. M. A. Hendriksen

For more than 15 years I was a friar, but however important that was in the eyes of people, it was impossible for me to find peace and happiness. I could not, nor can I, live happily and in peace without knowing for certain that my sins are forgiven, that I may be a child of God. The Roman Read More

With a Love for Catholics

In this round table discussion, New Yorkers, Brian McLaughlin and Richard Wozniak speak about their lives as Catholics and their coming to personal dynamic faith in Christ Jesus outside the Church of Rome.  Candor, sincerity, and compassion are the hallmarks of this interview hosted by Richard Bennett.  Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share Read More

Rest in God, Not in the Roman Catholic Church

By Richard Bennett and Stuart Quint True Bible believers “are kept by the power of God through faith”[1] True believers rest in the foretaste that we have of the Eternal Life that will be ours for all eternity. Jesus Christ prayed, “As Thou has given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal Read More


Is Roman Catholicism Unraveling from Its Scandals?

By Richard Bennett and Jim Whitley People Are Departing the Roman Catholic Church The Roman Catholic Church faces a grim future in today’s Ireland, formerly one of the most devout Catholic countries in Europe: “In 2009, the Murphy report on the sexual abuse of children in the archdiocese of Dublin revealed that the Catholic Church’s Read More

The Gospel of Grace in Jesus Christ – Thoufic Khouri

So the miracle happened, that which I needed so much: a spiritual birth. I became a new creature, a child of God. Outwardly, I was still a Roman Catholic. I still wore my priestly garb. The books in my room were still all Roman Catholic. Inwardly, however, I was a Roman Catholic no longer. Inwardly, Read More