My ‘Damascus Road’ – Francisco Lacueva

To you, my ex-companions in the priesthood, I say with all my heart, “I am very happy in the new life which I have embraced in Christ and in His Gospel. I would that all of you were touched by this same grace. I shall not forget you in my prayers, and I trust I Read More

Salvation: God’s Grace in Christ Alone Saves

by Richard M. Bennett If you are a Catholic, can you say without a doubt that you are right with God at this very moment? Perhaps you will answer, “Well, I’m following the teachings of the Church on how to be right with God.” Then would you agree that those beliefs should match God’s written Read More

Thou Knowest That I love Thee – Juan T. Sanz

I felt as if my spiritual and psychological life were collapsing. Under the terms of Roman Catholic doctrine, I lived constantly in a state of “mortal sin,” 1) because I formally doubted my faith, 2) because I did not search for the pardon of this and other sins in the sacrament of penitence, 3) because Read More

There Is Power in Christ’s Atoning Blood – Simon Kottoor

The love of Christ compels me to give testimony to my conversion from the Roman Catholic priesthood to the born-again life in Jesus Christ. For twenty-five years I was a Roman Catholic priest, strictly following the rituals of a system that enveloped me as a huge and indomitable fortress of darkness and ignorance of the Read More

Tribute Michael de Semylen

Author and Historian Michael de Semylen After a period of illness our beloved Brother,  Michael de Semlyen was taken home to be with the Lord on February 5th, 2019. Michael was a clear and vocal Protestant of the most gentle yet immovable character who wrote “All Roads Lead to Rome” (1993) and “The Foundations Under Attack Read More

From the Monastery to the Ministry – José Borras

It is not enough to be a good Catholic: the important and necessary thing is to be born again in Christ. This has been my experience. When I entered into Christ, I experienced that He not only liberated me from my sins, but also from the heavy load I had to carry being in a Read More

I Found Everything When I Found Christ

While studying theology in England, I began to have serious doubts concerning certain doctrines of my Church, which I found difficult to reconcile with Scripture. These doubts continued to trouble me even after my ordination, but I endeavored to smother them by plunging into my studies and teaching assignments. PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_5 = [ { Read More

What is the Ecumenical Movement?

Prior to the Second Vatican Council held in Rome in 1962, all protestants were considered heretics by the Roman Catholic Church. After the council, the Vatican proclaimed that protestants were now “separated brethren” and a movement began to assimilate protestants back into the Catholic Church. This moment is now called the Ecumenical movement that is Read More

Should I Marry a Catholic?

Roman Catholic law requires mixed marriages to raise their children as Roman Catholics. Encouraging Catholics to marry non Catholics was actually a means of proselytizing by adding newborns into the  Roman Catholic Church.  Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Pinterest Share Share on Google Plus Share Share on LinkedIn Share Share on Digg Read More