Catholic Political Coercion Through Civil Law

Catholic Political Coercion is what the Catholic Church thrived on for many years throughout the Middle Ages. Although her methods have changed, her goals have never changed. Her ability to grow in strength and numbers was and still is in proportion to her legal agreements (concordants) with other nations throughout the world. This video with Read More

Reaching Roman Catholics with the Love of Christ

Reaching Catholics with the Lords love. This topic was presented by Richard Bennett during a evangelistic outreach in the town hall of Stornoway, Scotland on the Isle of Lewis. The Message expresses his deepest desire to give the correct Gospel message to precious Catholic people. PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_1 = [ { name: "Reaching Roman Catholics Read More

Josif Trifa: Former Priest of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Josif Trifa was born in 1888 in the village Certede, next to Kmpeni in the Western mountains.  He attended gymnasium in Bejus and then studied theology in Sibiu.  He returned to his home village as a teacher and later was consecrated as a priest.  In 1921 Metropolitan Balan invited him to Sibiu to become spiritual Read More

Evangelicals Embark to Papal Rome

Several well respected and influential Evangelicals have compromised with the false gospel of the Roman Catholic Church. Michael de Semlyen and Richard Bennett make the presentation along with narration with Brian Haskin’s. We believe that what is required is biblical separation from those who have perverted the Gospel of Christ. Christians must first know the Read More

Light and Darkness

A New Christian Reflects on 22 Years As a Priest of Rome. Pastor Steve Van Horn interviewed Richard Bennett in the early days of his ministry. Richard explains the stark contrast between Roman Catholicism and biblical faith. Richard answers viewers’ questions on a variety of issues. Catholicism, in fact, continues to be shadows, while biblical truth Read More

How to get out of Purgatory

Jesus willingly died for the believers sins; He died in our place to pay the debt that we could never pay. Who his own self bare the believers sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed (I Peter 2:24). Read More

Exposing Pope Francis and the Roman Church

Not only does the Roman system conceal its own wickedness, it exalts the glory that the world gives to Pope Francis, truly amazing as the world wonders after him. That man of sin that claims to be the Holy Father and Head of the Lord’s Church mocks our Lord and our Heavenly Father. The exposing Read More

Dumitru Cornilescu: Former Priest of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Dumitru Cornilescu was born in 1891 in the village of Slasoma in the Mehedinti province. His father was a teacher, and his grandfathers both on his mother’s and father’s side were priests.  He felt the call to enter the priesthood and went to Bucharest to study theology. Dumitru was unhappy with the formalism and rituals.  Read More