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Biblical Refutation of Biologos COVID Statement: Part 1

By Randall Rathbun

Introductory Note from the Berean Beacon to the Reader,

True Christians loyal to God must reject Biologos[1] “A Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times”.[2]

The Biologos Statement is as dangerous a trap today as the Roman Catholic “Evangelicals and Catholics Together”[3] was in 1994. Both entice Christians to unite with unbelievers in falsehood.[4]

If you love Jesus Christ, you must reject the Biologos Statement. By signing the Statement, you consent to all the wickedness done in the name of COVID.

The Biologos Statement explicitly violates at least 2 of the Lord’s Ten Commandments.

  • The Biologos Statement explicitly violates at least 2 of the Lord’s Ten Commandments.[5]
  • “Thou shalt not kill.”[6]

We will post our refutation of the Biologos Statement in 2 parts. Part 1 consists of a point by point response by Randall Rathbun, a retired Christian computer scientist and mathematician who did research on advanced projects for the US Air Force.[7]

A Christian Mathematician and Scientist replies to “A Christian Statement on Science for Pandemic Times”

Biologos- “We, the undersigned, join together as Christians who uphold the authority of God’s Word and see science as a tool to understand God’s world. We call on all Christians to follow the advice of public health experts and support scientists doing crucial biomedical research on COVID-19.[8]

I, Randall Rathbun, a Christian mathematician and computer scientist, see mathematics as the bedrock of scientific truth, but the true evidence and facts surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic do NOT support the current actions of the public health experts or scientists or government policy makers. Worse yet, corruption of scientific publications has occurred, the loss of veracity to the science world is tragic.

Biologos- “We are deeply concerned about the polarization and politicization of science in the public square when so many lives are at stake. The word “science” has become a weapon in the culture wars. Scientists are vilified and their findings ignored, while conspiracy theories go viral. Sadly, Christians seem just as susceptible to these trends. Thoughtful Christians may disagree on public policy in response to the coronavirus, but none of us should ignore clear scientific evidence.[9]

I strongly disagree with these assertions. I categorically state that if Christian scientists guided by mathematics had done their homework and sought the truth, that much dishonesty would have already been uncovered, no matter the source, including public health experts or top government leaders.

I even more strongly declare that Christian scientists should have set the highest standards in the world.

It is disingenuous to decry conspiracy theories. The truth is that documented facts in the official Covid-19 narrative uncover a collusion at the highest levels, including the use of AI to push an agenda which is neither truthful nor healthy.[[10],[11],[12],[13]]

Biologos- “It is appropriate for Christians to be skeptical of claims made by scientists who speak outside their area of expertise. We firmly reject claims that science has somehow shown God does not exist or faith is mere superstition. Such claims go beyond what science is capable of investigating. We lament the times when science and medicine have been misused to perpetrate atrocities like the racist Tuskegee experiments. But Christians should listen to scientists and doctors when they speak in their area of expertise, especially when millions of lives are at stake.[14]

Everyone must be bound to sound mathematical logic and reasoning. When faulty scientific papers such as the Lancet study[[15]] are introduced as professional results, this betrays their claim to truth and exhibits an agenda destructive of it and people are harmed. This scandal is worse, because it is presented as professional advice.

How can the ordinary citizen be protected, when the gatekeepers of society are not truthful?

How can the ordinary citizen be protected, when the gatekeepers of society are not truthful?

Biologos- “The Bible teaches that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139:14). Thus, those doing biomedical research—whether they are Christians or not—are studying the very handiwork of God. Scientists are discovering truths about the virus, our bodies, treatments, and vaccines. As Christians, we know that all truth, including scientific truth, is ultimately from God.[16]

Unfortunately, dishonest people are able to take advantage of their very technical knowledge, be it in computer science, or microbiology, or bioinformatics. Who is there to check up on this? Who is able to ferret out the error from the truth and uncover law breaking?

Surely the fact that CDC is a quasi-government organization yet profits in billions in vaccine sales[[17]] should have alerted anyone to their problem with objectivity. Brenda Fitzgerald, the former Director of the CDC, resigned after her purchase of tobacco stocks was made public[[18]]. The NIH recently had to fire 54 scientists for secret ties to China.[[19]]

Are these organizations demonstrating that their word is trustworthy? Or rather that they are corrupt? Christians must face these serious issues and not deny them.

Biologos- “God can do miracles of healing, but God also uses doctors and scientists to bring healing. Before Jonas Salk discovered his vaccine, polio killed 350,000 people a year, most of them children. Christians in the biomedical sciences, like Dr. Francis Collins, see their work as continuing the healing ministry of Jesus (Matthew 15:30). Pursuing medical treatment is not a sign of weak faith in God, but a grateful acceptance of God’s gifts.”[20]

I support good medical treatment, but I am alarmed by the headlong push into altering the molecular machinery of the body, for example the RNA and DNA code of the human body, by using such genetic tools such as CRISPR, when we human beings simply do NOT know the full outcome of such genetic manipulations. Only 2% of the human genome programs for proteins, the other 98% codes regulatory and assembly instructions, and this is the admitted dark matter of bioinformatics today.[[21]]

This lack of knowledge I also know from my computer science experience in procedural language programming, such as C++, it is impossible to accurately account for all possibilities, hence if something can go wrong, it will go wrong! Hence I must strongly sound the alarm on the “promising” mRNA and DNA vaccines being readied to cope with the Covid-19 viruses.

Already strong reactions to the vaccines are hinting at life-long auto-immune disorders, such as the 81% grade 3 reaction rate for the cansino vaccine and the 9% grade 3 reaction to the Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccine, which Bill Gates has personally invested in.[[22]]

Other medical experts have pointed out the fact that due to the natural mutation rate of corona viruses, it is almost impossible to stay on top with an effective vaccine.

Why are we ignoring these facts?

Biologos- “Scientists of all faiths at many universities and research institutes have been working hard to combat COVID-19, including at the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. Many scientists have dropped their own research programs to devote themselves full time to understanding exactly how this virus works, how it spreads, how the disease can be treated, and which vaccines would be both safe and effective. Experts have been communicating their knowledge in real time as the pandemic progresses, which has led to some confusion. In the early days, they advised the public against masks when supplies were needed for healthcare workers, but later they changed their message in response to more data. A change in expert advice is not a sign of weakness or unreliability, but of good scientific practice and honesty. On the biggest points, scientific predictions have been proven right: scientists said stay-home orders would reduce cases, and thankfully those measures worked. Scientists predicted that ending quarantine too soon would increase cases, and that has been the case.”[23]

While all the above might seem true, it neglects key facts.

In reality, brave doctors, who are concerned about presenting Americans with a valid solution for Covid-19, the hydroxychloroquinine prophylactic treatment, have been severely censored and persecuted.

Other doctors who point out disturbing discrepancies in the covid-19 narrative have been publicly ridiculed. For instance, one doctor was purposefully set up before the US Senate’s Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee to be permanently silenced.

Such abusive treatment has to and MUST STOP now!

I have personally read the tweets directed against Dr. Simone Gold.  It is shocking to find such hatred, lying, and deceit in America today.

Worse yet, the Google Jigsaw company is determined to squash “social disinformation”. In fact, they actually are squashing the truth using the most sophisticated AI computer programs available. Other AI programs using prescriptive analytics are being used to push an agenda, including the “masks up, stay safe” nudging campaign waged secretly by the Behavioral Insights Team nudging computer program.

Why are these behavioral scientists not being called out on their selfish personal agenda, endangering the health of millions of people and possibly already causing the deaths of 10,000’s of Americans needlessly? Facebook, Google and Youtube are liable for these deaths. I say this without apology.

Dr Meryl Nass has carefully documented[[24]] the false narrative of the Covid-19 situation. Why aren’t the facts she has uncovered being made known to everyone? It is simply shameful to engage in deceitful behavior and bring harm to trusting human beings. Again, the sudden strong persecution of the Frontline Doctors should have documented beyond dispute, the hypocrisy and deceit being waged upon the whistle-blowers and those who simply wish to save human lives and point out the truth.

Biologos- “Scientists are not all-knowing and have biases like the rest of us. That’s why the process of scientific research has built-in steps for testing, vetting, and validation by the whole community. While any individual scientist may be biased, the community actively critiques each other’s work to reduce bias and errors until together they develop a consensus on what the data are saying. It’s not a perfect process and one can always find dissenters, but scientists working together are far more accurate than one person’s theory on YouTube. Scientists are trained to communicate where the consensus is uncertain and to not overstate conclusions. They may speak in sound bites in an interview, but if you listen a bit longer you will hear the caveats. So when Dr. Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, tells us what scientists have learned about this infectious disease, he should be listened to.”[25]

Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci has been caught red-handed with a false narrative.[[26]] Fauci supports an agenda and has signed off on two $3.7 million programs so that China can experiment on SARS and corona viruses and the viral gain of function activity[[27]] To the alarm of top scientists, he has demonstrated he cannot be trusted (at all).

Dr Meryl Nass has carefully documented Dr. Fauci’s misbehavior and lapses of truth and his self-interests.[[45]]

Why should I trust people such as Dr. Fauci who lie to me?

Even worse, when the top strata of society have been corrupted, what then can be done? When one company (Google) boasts that they will “get it right this time”, who can stop this massive investment of “truth” manufacturing and algorithmic misinformation distribution? The disclosure of the Interactive Internet Activities (IIA) toolset developed for psychological manipulation of opinion shows how subtle this deceit and deception really is. What person can stand up to this?

I have to sound the alarm: science has been corrupted, perhaps beyond redemption. When Lancet admitted a false paper that was mathematically unsound, this journal utterly destroyed their credibility. Some courageous science and medicine publishers have complained about the information laundering[[28]].

How is science going to recover from the politics engendered by the billionaires who wish to remake the world in their own image? Are we going to let money decide what is true and what is not?

Biologos- “We need more than science alone to make good decisions. Invoking “science” is not a one-word rationale for public policy; many factors need to be considered. The economic losses and social hardships of the pandemic are painful, and thoughtful Christians will disagree on how to balance those needs with health needs. Even closer to our hearts is the impact of quarantine on church fellowship. As churches reopen, Christians need to balance God’s call to meet together with God’s call to protect the vulnerable among us. We need more than science to make these decisions; we need biblical faith to be wise and discerning (James 3:13-18). As Christians throughout history have shown during other pandemics, our faith is what moves us to deep compassion for the sick, the young, the old, and the vulnerable, as we follow Jesus’ command to care for the least of these (Matthew 25:31-36). Our faith calls us to sacrifice ourselves for others and accept temporary limitations on our freedoms because we have a permanent and complete freedom in Christ (Hebrews 10:34). Our faith helps us be humble and patient when discussing contentious issues (Ephesians 4:2-3). It is our faith, not science, that overcomes fear and brings hope. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1).”[29]

I vigorously and vehemently object to the masquerade, since the health effects to the general population caused by it have outweighed the possible benefits of wearing it.

Incredible damage has been done to the American population economically, and a staggering rise in suicide calls[[30]] should have informed all rational people of the mistaken approach of the lockdown. God expects us to be rational, and not fall into mental delusions.

One person recently testified that due to the lockdown, 6 of his friends have committed suicide[31].

Who is paying attention to this loss of life? Even more strongly, what do our children have to look forward to? Many are giving up and contemplating suicide[[32]].

“Therefore, because of our faith in Jesus Christ, we will:


Biologos- “Wear masks in indoor public spaces and follow other physical distancing rules given by public health officials (1 Peter 2:13-17), unless there are underlying health conditions. Yes, wearing a mask is uncomfortable and awkward, but the evidence is clear that masks reduce the chance we will transmit the disease to others. Mask rules are not experts taking away our freedom, but an opportunity to follow Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves (Luke 6:31).”[33]

What evidence? I have several scientific reports which show that masks do little to limit virus transmission. One recent news report on the CIDRAP findings stated “Data do not back cloth masks to limit COVID-19, experts say.”[[34]]

I have seen, however, photographs of the faces of adolescents wearing the masks whose skin has broken out with serious staphylococcal infections. A close friend confided in me of personally talking with 2 Subway employees whose faces have become infected. Is this even healthy?

If mask rules are causing my fellow human being to develop severe skin infections, how is that exhibiting the love of God?


Biologos- “Get vaccinated against COVID-19 when a safe and effective vaccine is available and as directed by a physician. A large fraction of the population needs to be vaccinated to develop the “herd immunity” which protects the immuno-compromised and others who cannot be vaccinated. Vaccination is a provision from God that will prevent disease not only for ourselves but for the most vulnerable among us (Matthew 25:31-36).”[35]

This is such a betrayal of truth. Already 10 brave doctors[[36]] spoke of the solution which works; no vaccination is necessary at all!

Why are we going along with a false agenda which will only make a few people rich and leave millions with auto-immune disorders for the rest of their lives? Such dishonesty should be strictly repelled! It is simply immoral to go along with the pandemic scheme any longer.


Biologos- “Correct misinformation and conspiracy theories when we encounter them in our social media and communities. Christians are called to love the truth; we should not be swayed by falsehoods (1 Corinthians 13:6). We will actively promote accurate scientific and public health information from trustworthy, consensus sources, and use this information when making decisions for our families, churches, schools, and workplaces.”[37]

Unfortunately our scientific and health information sources have become corrupted. It will take a special effort to clean up this corruption at the highest levels! I have been forced to respond; the loss of truth is staggering.

Worse, governments themselves spread disinformation[[38]]. Now the NIH even has a sophisticated software toolset to deal with Covid-19 “misinformation”[[39]]

Just to whom are Symplur Signals, Cision and Meltwater accountable? Certainly not the US public. Is this open, transparent, honest, and just?


Biologos- “Work for justice for communities who have suffered the most deaths from COVID-19. Christians are called to be courageous in fighting for justice (Micah 6:8). We should be the least indifferent to the disadvantaged and vulnerable. Groups that have been hit hard include the elderly in nursing homes, the Navajo nation where many do not have access to clean water, and people of color who continue to experience discrimination in access to health care.”[40]

It is time to call for justice at the highest levels. One group which is NOT mentioned here are the children, the victims of the pedophile rings at the highest levels of our government elite which still have not been exposed yet today. What about these victims? It is a crime of the highest magnitude before God to ignore all the sex-trafficking today and pretend that this doesn’t exist. Shame on us if we do not care!

What about the 2500+ unborn children every day who never see the light of day?[[41]] [Some of these murdered children’s organs are being used in vaccine research and production!][42]

What about justice for these two groups of people? Surely they demand our utmost attention?


Biologos- “We pray for God to heal the millions of sick, to comfort the thousands of grieving families, and to give wisdom to decision-makers. We pray for God to sustain biomedical and public health researchers as they work to develop treatments and a safe and effective vaccine. We pray for God to protect nurses, doctors, lab techs, and all healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 as they serve patients and our communities. And we pray for God to bless our cities and nation with justice and flourishing for all (Jeremiah 29:7).”[43]

I am praying to God wake up all Christians, so they can see how they have been deceived at the highest levels. Christians should understand the Bible verse[44] which states that satan rules the world and that our true battle is with him and his forces. It is they who have so subtly perverted mankind to the point that humans have become totally greedy in their self-serving schemes and ignore the death of millions of their fellow human beings. The just and righteous God will not overlook such crimes against humanity!

I pray that the very shameful treatment of the brave Frontline Doctors who simply wanted to bring health to the American nation be stopped. These doctors have been vilified to an unbelievable degree.

I pray that every Christian in the nation wake up, to demand a return to the truth and common sense, and to stop the use of fear tactics from pushing the nation into further suffering and destruction. I pray for this persecution to stop. I pray against the spirit of fear controlling the world.

I pray that Christians will seek life and contend for it.

My shock at seeing so many frightened children who see no future and are committing suicide forced me to respond. My conscience will not allow less. God demonstrated His great love by dying for us. Certainly we can and must love our children, a precious inheritance from God Himself.

Love demands no less!

Randall L. Rathbun

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