Of Polish Origin – Born again by Grace alone – John Kuspa

For 26 years Colonel John Kuspa served his country faithfully and with distinction. Colonel Kuspa was a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and veteran of the Vietnam war. He received his doctorate in nuclear engineering and served in the Pentagon on the Joint Staff on NATO nuclear policy. Being raised in Read More


My Search for Peace, a Nun’s Story

Alicia Simpson I was born into a Roman Catholic household.  As a child I knew nothing but abuse and ill-treatment from a mother, a father and then a step-father, of whom I was terrified.  Because they were people well-known in business and musical circles, their cruelty was never discovered. When the time came for schooling, Read More


Romanizing America through Illegal Immigration

“These . . . confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.” Hebrews 11:13 By Pastor Ralph Ovadal, April 10, 2006 A shortened, edited version of this article appeared in the British Church Newspaper, May 12, 2006. In recent weeks, the advocates of the “rights” of illegal Mexican immigrants, accompanied by and even Read More


The Soul of a Priest – Leo Lehmann

I have seen Roman Catholicism at work on three continents. I have ridden with cardinals in their luxurious limousines past the saluting Swiss Guards and through the Damascus Gate of the Vatican, leading to the Pontiff’s private apartments. I have watched while a pope died, saw him buried, and his successor elected and crowned. I Read More

A Priest Asks God for Grace – Charles Berry

While baby-sitting for a Protestant neighbor, I chanced to read a booklet on the subject of “Hell and Eternal Punishment” and was convinced, as I am at this moment, of the terrible reality of hell. Determined that my first obligation was to find a way of drawing closer to God, I entered deeply into Catholic Read More

The Christian Legacy of the Czech Republic

The history and heritage of the Czech Republic as told by one of their own, Milos Solc. This little nation for many years contended single-handed against the Papacy the numerous armies and various nationalities. Such a conflict the Bohemians never could have sustained but for their true faith in God. PlayStop X Share on Facebook Read More

The Woman at the Well

Rocio Pestana Segovia The youngest in a family of four brothers and four sisters, I am a Spaniard who was born in Madrid. My family was profoundly involved in the Roman Catholic Church. One of my aunts, Maria Josefa Segovia, was the co-founder of a secular religious order, the Institucion Teresiana,dedicated to education. My Early Read More

A Priest, but a Stranger To God – Joseph Tremblay

Joseph Tremblay grew up in the Roman Catholic city of Quebec, Canada. He was trained for the priesthood and eventually worked as a Catholic missionary overseas. One day while listening to a gospel message on the radio in South America, Joseph embraced the true Gospel of grace. It was in fulfillment of the scripture that Read More