A Great Sinner Coming to Know the Only Savior Jesus

Joe Flahive As I share the most amazing event in my life, I would like to interject along the way truths I have found from verses in the Bible, which explain the utter despair of my early life, indeed anyone’s life—apart from true faith in the Person of Jesus Christ and the amazing peace and Read More


Life from the Hand of My Father

Barbara Ann Merz I was born in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, to Sicilian-American parents, who brought me to church about a month later to be baptized into the Roman Catholic “religion.” Raised a Catholic As a young child on Long Island, New York, I constantly felt drawn toward anything related to God. I cherished Read More


From Confusion to Understanding

Paul Smith My name is Paul; I am the eleventh child of a large Roman Catholic Family, which totaled fourteen children—seven boys and seven girls.  Some of my earliest memories include my parents walking us up to Saint Mary’s Church, which was one block up the street from our house.  We would file into the Read More


And the Truth Made Me Free – Sophia Tekien

Brought up in a strict Roman Catholic family where the emphasis was on God’s punishment for sins, I was very much afraid of Him.  From my early years, it was also impressed upon me that Jesus founded the Roman Catholic Church, and that only in the Catholic Church was He actually present (body and blood) Read More

Catholicism vs Biblical Faith Part 1

Are Catholics Christian? Does the Bible contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church? Watch as former Dominican Catholic priest Richard Bennett goes into complete detail exposing these very obvious contradictions. PlayStop X Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Pinterest Share Share on LinkedIn Share Share on Digg Share Send email Mail