Are Eastern Orthodox Bishops Really High Priests?

The office of the Bishop is essential to the continuation of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Without the bishops, the Orthodox Church would cease to exist. This paper briefly examines the historical development of this ecclesiastical structure and compares the concept of the Orthodox Bishop with the bishop or overseer as described in the Scriptures.1 The Read More


Eastern Orthodoxy-Spiritual Life or Spiritual Death

Eastern Orthodoxy teaches that man can attain salvation only through partaking what it calls “Sacred Mysteries.” They are also called “Sacred Sacraments.” Orthodoxy commands people to submit themselves to these mysteries that are performed on their behalf by the Orthodox Church. Indeed, Eastern Orthodoxy teaches that the only way to eternal life is through these Read More

Josif Trifa: Former Priest of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Josif Trifa was born in 1888 in the village Certede, next to Kmpeni in the Western mountains.  He attended gymnasium in Bejus and then studied theology in Sibiu.  He returned to his home village as a teacher and later was consecrated as a priest.  In 1921 Metropolitan Balan invited him to Sibiu to become spiritual Read More


Dumitru Cornilescu: Former Priest of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Dumitru Cornilescu was born in 1891 in the village of Slasoma in the Mehedinti province. His father was a teacher, and his grandfathers both on his mother’s and father’s side were priests.  He felt the call to enter the priesthood and went to Bucharest to study theology. Dumitru was unhappy with the formalism and rituals.  Read More


Eastern Orthodoxy, The Mystical Trap

In recent years interest in the Eastern Orthodox Church among Christians has grown steadily and there have been a number of converts to this religious body. A prime reason for this interest has been the growing fascination with mysticism and ancient tradition which has permeated Western societies. Increasing numbers of Christians are coming into contact Read More

Is Eastern Orthodoxy Biblically Orthodox?

Eastern Orthodoxy claims to be the truly original Christian church that has never deviated from the teachings of Christ and His apostles. Should we believe them? No! Richard Bennett contrasts the true gospel of Jesus Christ with the false living and teaching of Eastern Orthodoxy.