A Biblical Renewal for a Catholic Marriage

Former Roman Catholics, Mark and Shawn Prosser, discuss their great struggle to find true Biblical salvation. In a moment in time not only did they find   the truth of God but a true marriage renewal. Watch as they interact and share their story of saving faith with Richard Bennett. PlayStop X Share on Facebook Share Read More

The False Ecumenical Movement in Slovakia

Jan Sichula and Ivan Hlavanda of Slovakia give their personal journeys of faith in this highly Roman Catholic nation. Besides the account of grace in their own lives, they explain with deep concern about the false ecumenical movement that is taking place in Slovakia. There are real practical lessons to be learned in this interview Read More

A Labyrinth Way from the Convent to Life in Christ

This is the heartwarming life story of former Nun, Eileen Doran. Eileen was born to an Irish Catholic family in New Jersey. She had spent sixteen years of her life with the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. With great feeling she explains the labyrinth of ways in which she sought to be right with Read More

A Priest’s Exodus To Christ from Eastern Orthodoxy

G. Dobrovolskiy In Light of the Scriptures A True Document Why I Left The Sacred Liturgy Commemoration of the Living (For Health) Commemoration of the Dead (For Rest in Peace) Various Consecrations Prayers to the Saints Reading of the Holy Scriptures Rite of Baptism Patron Saint Festivals Religiosity and Piety Vain Invocations Titles and Ranks Read More


Orthodoxy Denies Certain Salvation in Christ Alone

Note from Berean Beacon: This article is adapted from the book: Eastern Orthodoxy Illuminated by the Scriptures (Przen: Belgrade, 2009), written by Serbian author, Ivica Stamenkovic. His research is based upon Holy Scripture, as well as primary Orthodox sources. Articles, which we will post later, will examine in detail specific Eastern Orthodox teachings on salvation Read More

Catholic Mysticism and the Emerging Church

Catholic mysticism has helped mightily to transform the New Age Movement from being counter-culture to being embraced by Evangelicals, and Western civilization as such. Catholic mysticism has affected almost every facet of life without being noticed or perceived. PlayStop X Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Pinterest Share Share on LinkedIn Share Read More

Is the Papacy in Jeopardy?

Dear Friend, The season of Benedict XVI’s Papal reign is passing. Now, late in the day, a dark specter has appeared in the form of a major financial scandal swirling around the Vatican bank. The Pope seems uninterested in dealing with such issues. Maybe, rightly so, for in the not too distant past, John Paul Read More

Pope Francis’s Teaching on Economics

Richard Bennett and Paul Flynn discuss the communist influences of Thomas Aquinas on the economic thought of Rome. Are Francis’ teachings on economics new? Is Francis a communist? Who is Thomas Aquinas and how does he influence the Roman Catholic world today? How has Aquinas inspired Liberation Theology? PlayStop X Share on Facebook Share Share Read More

Beyond Drink and Drugs

Not only is Tim free to live with thanksgiving in his heart, the useful experiences from his devastating years are now used to rescue men who are caught in the addiction trap. Tim on his Website states his purpose. “To see substance abusers become fully devoted followers of Christ. The only way to find freedom, Read More

From Darkness to Light

Larry Power grew up in Clough County Kilkenny Ireland. He did all that was expected of a Catholic youth, first confession to a priest followed by first communion. Then he came into contact  with a man who knew about the Lord Jesus Christ  and how to trust on Him alone for salivateion PlayStop X Share Read More