Disturbing Encounters in the Catholic Confession Box

In my first year of ministry as a priest in Park Street Catholic Church, Port of Spain, Trinidad, I remember in vivid detail what a difficult time I had with the Saturday confessions.  Each Saturday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., many Catholics queued up outside the confession box waiting their turn to enter to tell us Read More


Biblical Communion: True Fellowship with the Lord

Once a person stands before the All Holy God accepted in Christ the Beloved,[1] clothed with the righteousness of Christ, that person has the basis of fellowship with God.  In sanctification as He writes His law on the hearts of the believers, they strive to be holy as He is.  He is then their God and they are Read More


Marriage is God’s Institution, Not Papal Rome’s

The old adage that states, “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” could more aptly be declared as “the hand that controls marriage rules the world.”  Before we can critique the Catholic Church’s legal control of marriage, we must first examine the biblical source of marriage and establish that it is of divine origin.  As Read More


True and False Worship: the Cross and the Mass

  I.  Introduction Worshipping God is that communion that exists in true harmony between the Creator and the creature man.  A. Before the Fall 1.  There were no restraints on relationship between God and Adam.  God spoke to Adam, laying out for him his duties, instructing him concerning his environment (Genesis 1:28-30), created a helpmeet Read More


Salvation and the Sacraments

Quite a number of people have become Roman Catholics because of the appeal of the Catholic Sacraments. It is necessary therefore to see just what is attractive in these seven signs of Catholicism and to analyze the same in the light of Biblical truth. The most important difference between Biblical faith and Roman Catholicism is Read More

Confession to a Priest Is Not Necessary for Gods Forgiveness

A person who is Catholic is taught to look for forgiveness by confessing his or her sins to a priest. Papal Rome’s insistence that her people confess is seen in her official teaching in the Catholic Catechism, paragraph 983, “Priests have received from God a power that he has given neither to angels nor to archangels … Were there no forgiveness of sins in the Church, there would be no hope of life to come or eternal liberation.”

The Vatican’s Meddling in Marriages

Marriage is a creation ordinance, belonging to all mankind. As sovereign Lord over His creation, God instituted that male and female should at a proper time leave mother and father and be married, “therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”1 From Read More

The Blasphemous Roman Catholic Mass

Paul Flynn and former Roman Catholic Priest Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon candidly discuss what the Bible say about the mass? Does it honor or dishonor God? What is the truth about the presence of Christ in the sacrament? How can a man have communion with God?

Do Catholic Priests Have Special Powers?

Richard Bennett, former Catholic priest for 22 years, reveals in depth the false claims of Rome for its priests. Instead, he points the viewer to the true Source of forgiveness in Jesus Christ alone. Richard also demonstrates that priests are souls in need of salvation themselves from the One true High Priest.

Catholic Sacraments: A Ruthless Trafficking in Human Souls

Richard Bennett and Stuart Quint give a detailed analysis of the pitfalls of the Roman Catholic sacraments that pose as a snare for the human soul.