Of Polish Origin – Born again by Grace alone – John Kuspa

For 26 years Colonel John Kuspa served his country faithfully and with distinction. Colonel Kuspa was a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and veteran of the Vietnam war. He received his doctorate in nuclear engineering and served in the Pentagon on the Joint Staff on NATO nuclear policy. Being raised in Read More

With Love for Catholics

In this round table discussion, New Yorkers, Brian McLaughlin and Richard Wozniak speak about their lives as Catholics and their coming to personal dynamic faith in Christ Jesus outside the Church of Rome.  Candor, sincerity, and compassion are the hallmarks of this interview hosted by Richard Bennett.

A New Creation

The amazing transformation of Clarence Hafelin is very evident in his testimony. Listen in as Clarence helps define the biblical concept of being born again and walking as a new creation. He reveals the sharp contrast with the Catholic idea that infant baptism is the source of new spiritual life. A touching story of true conversion.

Polish Catholicism to Trusting in Christ Alone

With deep love for Catholic people, Peter Slomski explains his own coming to personal faith in Jesus Christ. Peter is from a Polish Catholic family and delivers his touching testimony to the Lords love and grace.

A Catholic Marine – Ralph DiCosimo

US Marine Ralph DiCosimo valued honor, courage, and commitment; on top of this he was a stanch Catholic.  Off the coast of Bosnia his courage and commitment remained the same, however the focus of his faith became personal and alive, bearing good fruit.  This is an interesting interview, straight from the shoulder, with a candor and a clarity that makes it an evangelistic blessing.  

Falling In Love with the Biblical Jesus

Stan Weber What could change the faith of a Catholic from birth (and former altar boy) in his 38th year?  The answer is the grace and power of God and His Word, the Holy Scriptures!  Once a fiercely independent electrical engineer, successful businessman, married fifteen years with two children, I had gotten myself into financial Read More

The Carnal Catholic

Former Roman Catholic, Bob Holmes, discusses his life growing up in suburban America. His life story is very similar to many living in middle class America. Catholic people existing with a conscience dulled towards the true things of God. Bob reveals the vast differences in his life when he experienced biblical salvation.

Beyond Evolution and Catholicism

Richard Bennett interviews former Roman Catholic, Dan Bentley.  Dan shares his inner struggle with the Bibles account of creation which is found in the book of Genesis.  The false evolutionary teachings endorsed by both the Roman Catholic Church and  public schools kept this man away from Biblical salvation until he found the truth. Share on Read More

From Knight of Columbus to Soldier in Christ

Kirk Vitzhum was raised on an Iowa farm in a devout Catholic family. In this interview Kirk gives details of his life and how he came to true biblical salvation. Kirk had been a member of  the world’s largest Catholic lay organization to advance Catholicism, the Knights of Columbus. His departure from the Knights of Columbus is quite interesting.

A Catholic Marine

Ralph DiCosimo a US Marine and Italian-American who valued honor, courage, and commitment and above all he was a stanch Catholic. Off the coast of Bosnia his courage and commitment remained the same, however the focus of his faith became personal and alive. This is an interesting video for those of you, who like Ralph, Read More