Testimony of Salvation Former Catholic Priest 3 Decades

Former priest Richard Bennett gives a update of his life story of the latest news of the miracles God has performed in his life since the last time he shared his testimony. It is a heartwarming and powerful account of what God can do for you if you will only listen to God. If you are seeking answers from God or seeking to know God and have the confidence that the moment you die you can be with Christ.

An Interview with a Former Jesuit Priest

Former Jesuit Priest Bob Bush is interview by former Dominican Priest Richard Bennet. The men discuss infant baptism, the gift of faith in salvation and a variety of other difficult topics. Bob gives his personal testimony of true Biblical salvation and exposes the conflict caused by contrasting authorities, the Bible and tradition. You can hear the compassion that these men have for reaching precious Catholic people with Gospel.

Saved by the Free Grace of God – Robert V. Julien

But why did I leave the Roman Catholic Church and her priesthood? People have asked me that question, and I have answered them in this fashion, “Because God told me to leave it.” I tell no lie. God did not speak to me in an audible voice. He spoke to me through His written Word in the book of Revelation where He says very distinctly “…Come out of her, my people…” (Revelation 18:4). The true Christ is calling His people to come out of Roman Catholicism.

Christ Alone is the Way – Henry Gregory Adams

I was told that by becoming a monk and priest, I could avoid sin and be more certain of my salvation. Because I was sincerely seeking salvation, I entered the Bacillin Order of monks, received the long black robe and an adopted monastic name of “Saint Hilarion the Great,” and made my vows. What great relief and heavenly peace came into my soul when Christ found me, a lost sinner!

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome – Charles Chiniquy

Charles P. Chiniquy (30 July 1809 – 16 January 1899) was a French Canadian Catholic priest who left the Roman Catholic Church after coming to true Biblical salvation. As a Catholic Priest he had established a Catholic colony in St. Ann Illinois later converting his parish to a Presbyterian Church. He rode the lecture circuit denouncing the Catholic Church. He warned of plots by the Vatican to take control of the United States by importing Catholic immigrants from Ireland, Germany, and France, and suggested that the Vatican was behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He authored many books and spent his remaining years trying the rescue the lost held in bondage to the Catholic Church.
The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional
Fifty Years in the Church of Rome
Forty Years in the Church of Christ

Life After the Catholic Priesthood – Dominic Stockford

It had never occurred to me that I would serve God in an “ordained” capacity, and it certainly never occurred to me that “I would come close to God simply through repentance and belief.” The only understanding of being faithful that I had was from the Catholic Church, and church meant doing works, attending Sunday Mass, and “being good.” And so, when I was almost sixteen and received what I “thought” was a clarion call to serve God as his minister, and because I knew only the Roman Catholic Church, it seemed obvious to me that I had to serve God in that church.

Free Indeed – The Testimony of former Priest Sandy Carson

From childhood to age forty-four, seventeen years as a Roman priest (1955-1972), the Roman Catholic Church had been the pillar of truth to me, and my infallible guide to God. This “pillar of truth,” the Roman Church, was not constructed solely of the infallible Scriptures, but also constructed of man’s “traditions” apart from Scripture, which were held to be revelations from God, but which in fact contradicted, and were in opposition to the plain teachings of Scripture.

A Catholic Priest Born From Above

Hello, my name is Henry Nowakowski.  Let me tell you my life story.[1]  I was born two years before the outbreak of WW II.  Mind you, like everyone else, I had no say whatsoever as to when I would be born, where I would be born, to whom I would be born.  No, the Creator God decided those particulars for me.  It was He who decided I would be born in mid August of 1937 to John and Nellie Nowakowski

To Follow Jesus Without Compromise – Victor J. Affonso

Political saviors like Gandhi and Nehru had failed in giving true freedom and justice to India’s poor majority. Murder and divisions assailed “independent” India, and so it still is today. All the social works were but a few drops of water in a desert. Yet, there was still one solution left: The words of Jesus kept coming to me during prayer, “…For with God ALL things are possible” (Mark 10:27). “Do not run away!” On another day I heard the words, “Follow My Son — Jesus!” This word finally led me to leave the world and join the Society of Jesus, a missionary order that promised by its very title, its “Spiritual Exercises” and its Constitutions to serve Jesus at any cost and to lead all men to know Him, His Peace, and His Justice.

We ought to obey God rather than men-God’s grace in the life of a priest – Nino Tirelli

Dear brothers, sisters, and friends; in gratitude and praise to the Triune God, and in the joy of our salvation freely granted through the Blood of the Lamb, I rejoice in this opportunity to present my testimony to you, as I remember His promise: “Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 10:32).