The Truth Set Me Free – Toon Vanhuysse

There was not a higher calling. To be a priest in the Church of Rome! We were chosen to carry out again the sacrifices of Jesus Christ in the present. We had become offerers of God’s grace; that was my conviction. We had the coveted pretension of being a kind of “maker of blessings.” How I had diverted from the Scriptures! It is dishonoring to God when you consider that Jesus’ perfect and all-sufficient sacrifice is weakened through the “Mass offering” and its depth is not recognized for its eternal salvation power.

I Was A Blind Leader Of The Blind – Salvatore Gargiulo

The Roman Catholic Church is really a church that follows Mary rather than Christ. I never stopped urging people to recite the holy Rosary (a monotonous repetition of prayers to Mary). I enthusiastically passed on to others the stories about miracles she is supposed to have performed, which are nothing but the work of the powers of darkness, intended to lead millions of souls astray and to prevent them coming into contact with the Truth.

My ‘Damascus Road’ – Francisco Lacueva

To you, my ex-companions in the priesthood, I say with all my heart, “I am very happy in the new life which I have embraced in Christ and in His Gospel. I would that all of you were touched by this same grace. I shall not forget you in my prayers, and I trust I have a place in those of all who seek the truth sincerely and with an upright heart. Be assured that salvation is a personal matter between God and each one of you.

From Roman Priest to Radio Evangelist – Manuel Garrido Aldama

My having been a Roman Catholic priest gives my testimony a peculiar aspect, which, I hope, will strengthen the faith of believers and bring others to living faith in Jesus Christ, whom I serve. I was born of long Basque ancestry, in a typical Roman Catholic family in the north of Spain. The Basques have the reputation of being the strictest and most devout of all the Spanish people. We were a family of six boys and one girl; she was the youngest of all. My father, a lawyer, intended that we should have the best education. My mother, a fervent Roman Catholic, took care of our strict religious life.

The Professor’s Methods Did Not Work – Celso Muniz

I entered seminary for a twelve-year period of study. There I gave myself completely to a life in accordance with the regulations of the Roman Catholic Church. I did all the ascetic exercises, and I also taught asceticism when I was Professor of Ascetic and Mystic Theology and principal of the Metropolitan Seminary at Oviedo in Spain. (Asceticism is the art of mastering “self” and bringing under control all passions, desires, and lusts by severe self-discipline and abstinence, or by inflicting punishments on the body.

Thou Knowest That I love Thee – Juan T. Sanz

I felt as if my spiritual and psychological life were collapsing. Under the terms of Roman Catholic doctrine, I lived constantly in a state of “mortal sin,” 1) because I formally doubted my faith, 2) because I did not search for the pardon of this and other sins in the sacrament of penitence, 3) because I searched for biblical truth in Protestantism and not in my Bishop and theology professors, 4) because I rejected the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical hierarchy and authority, 5) because I rejected the doctrinal authority of my church concerning the Bible, 6) because it seemed to me that the aural confession of sins robbed God of the right and power which only He has in His person and the actions of His Son, Jesus Christ, and 7) because the celebration of the Mass seemed to me a supplanting of the merits of Christ on the cross.

There Is Power in Christ’s Atoning Blood – Simon Kottoor

The love of Christ compels me to give testimony to my conversion from the Roman Catholic priesthood to the born-again life in Jesus Christ. For twenty-five years I was a Roman Catholic priest, strictly following the rituals of a system that enveloped me as a huge and indomitable fortress of darkness and ignorance of the written Word of God.

From Dead Religion To New Life In Christ – Vincent O’Shaughnessy

I was born and raised on a farm in West Limerick, Ireland, and the memories of my childhood are happy ones. The youngest of seven children (three sisters and three brothers), I had lots of relatives to visit or to receive as visitors on Sundays after Mass. No one ever missed Mass on Sunday in those days in Ireland, unless they were seriously ill. Such a lapse was designated a mortal sin, meaning deadly and deserving of hell should one die with it unconfessed and unforgiven by a priest. The priests were revered, even idolized. I decided I would like to be a priest myself.

From the Monastery to the Ministry – José Borras

It is not enough to be a good Catholic: the important and necessary thing is to be born again in Christ. This has been my experience. When I entered into Christ, I experienced that He not only liberated me from my sins, but also from the heavy load I had to carry being in a Monastic order.

I Found Everything When I Found Christ

While studying theology in England, I began to have serious doubts concerning certain doctrines of my Church, which I found difficult to reconcile with Scripture. These doubts continued to trouble me even after my ordination, but I endeavored to smother them by plunging into my studies and teaching assignments.