Conversation Between Two former Catholic Priests

Richard Bennett and Richard Cefalu, both formerly Roman Catholic Priest, discuss their love for the Scriptures and provide an insight into it’s life changing power. These men were throughly trained in all things Catholic and had even put into practice the doctrines of Rome yet never fully understood the  true power of God.

Two Former Priests Analyze Catholicism

In the interview, former priest Henry Nowakowski’s  discusses his life dedicated to the Catholic priesthood.  Henry’s seminary training and experience reveals much of the heart of Papal Rome.  Very informative also was their joint analysis of the Vatican Council II.  However, the highpoint of the interview was Henry’s analyses of the contrast of God’s sovereignty to Roman Catholic claim to the Pope’s infallibility. 

A Priest’s Story of Conversion to Christ on Location

Richard Bennett gives a very detailed account of his life story and family history interwoven with  his conversion to Biblical faith and true salvation.

Richard Bennett’s Testimony

Richard Bennett delivers his testimony of God grace in his life at Templepatrick Reformed Church
In County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

From Tradition to Truth

The compelling testimony of former Roman Catholic Dominican Priest, Richard Bennet.  A devout and well respected missionary priest thoroughly equipped and active in administering of  the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church discovers their Ineffectiveness. Richard Bennett discovers truth Biblical salvation

Testimony of a Catholic Priest

Hear the trials and tribulations of a Roman Catholic Priest in his struggle to truly know he was going to heaven when he died and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. This 13 year struggle of Richard to know God in a real biblical way crosses 2 oceans, 2 continents and even 2 hemispheres. Watch Read More

Richard Bennett in Ireland

Richard Bennett former Roman Catholic Priest delivers his testimony at the Armagh Free Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Grace in Christ

Richard Bennett delivers his testimony of finding the grace of God in true biblical salvation.  It is a story of many years of searching for truth leading to his acceptance of the authority of Scripture alone and true Christianity.  Richard intertwines Bible verses with his story, clearly showing that salvation is found in Christ alone and not in any Church.

Richard Bennett’s Testimony

Former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett delivers his heart to heart testimony of true Biblical salvation apart from the Catholic Church. This is a story of many years of searching for truth and eventually leading to the authority of scripture and true Christianity. Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Pinterest Share Share Read More