Roman Catholic Perspectives Pervade Evangelicalism

Richard Bennett highlights the Catholic Church’s official teaching that both scripture and tradition are to be honored equally. This mindset is now permeating Evangelical Churches with the introduction of physiology and various business and marketing techniques. Modern Charismatic expressions are also leading the way back to Roman Catholicism. Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Read More

Mysticism in the Emerging Church Matches Roman Catholicism

Find out the Connections between the mysticism of the Emerging Church movement and Roman Catholic Mysticism. Are they the same. Is there a common source or is Emerging Church just drawing from Catholicism or is it possibly a branch of Catholicism? See the facts and quotes as Richard Bennett, a former Catholic Priest, reveals the Read More

Two Edged Truth: A Priest’s Journey from Rome to Christ and Why ECT Is Evil

With fervor, Richard Bennett exposes Catholic sacraments and looking within oneself for salvation. At the same time, he indicts the teachings of false Evangelicals who look within to a person’s decision for salvation. In the second 20-minute presentation, as a former Priest, Richard gives a 20-minute response to The Evangelicals and Catholics Together document. Since salvation, according to the Scriptures, is found nowhere else than in the Gospel, Richard examines the ECT document in light of the biblical declaration of the Gospel. He proves that ECT is evil because Rome’s gospel is the enemy of Christ’s gospel.

I Was A Blind Leader Of The Blind – Salvatore Gargiulo

“…Can the blind lead the blind? shall theynot both fall into the ditch?” (Luke 6:39) My name is Salvatore Gargiulo. I was converted to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus in 1977, and I am now serving Him in the same place where I previously followed the calling of a Roman Catholic priest. My conversion Read More