Exposing the Pope and Papacy

None, but the Lord God, could have described beforehand office of the Pope and Papacy. Man could never have anticipated the Papacy only God foretells it. That a power claiming to act for God, to be “as God,” in the midst of the Christian Church, flouting His truth and mocking His own Holiness, defies imagination.

Catholic Sacraments: A Ruthless Trafficking in Human Souls

Richard Bennett and Stuart Quint give a detailed analysis of the pitfalls of the Roman Catholic sacraments that pose as a snare for the human soul.

Catholicism vs Biblical Faith Part 2

Are Catholics Christian? Does the Bible contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church? Watch as former Dominican Catholic priest Richard Bennett goes into complete detail exposing these very obvious contradictions.

The Foundations Under Attack

Michael deSemlyen explains how Rome led by the Jesuits betrayed Britain and corrupted Protestant church leaders to compromise.  The only hope for Britain (and America and the rest of the world) is to turn to the true and pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Anointing of the Sick

Richard Bennet a former Roman Catholic Dominica priest of 22 years unravels the Biblical meaning of the anointing of the sick compared to that of the Roman Catholic Sacraments of healing.

Everlasting Life

What does it means to enjoy fellowship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit? The Scriptures have much to say on the fellowship which exists between God and His people. In the words of Jesus Christ, “at that day you shall know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you” (John 14:20). The greatest joy we have in this world is understanding and living everlasting life.

True and False Worship – The Cross or the Mass

In this compassionate and compelling message, former Roman Catholic priest, Richard Bennett, outlines the false worship that takes place in the Roman Catholic mass. The sharp contrast between the true message of Jesus death on the cross and the man-made sacrifice of the mass will come into focus.

The Invincible Gospel vs. Phony Modern Evangelism

Many modern Evangelicals give what they call “the Gospel” in such words as, “Accept Jesus into your heart.” “Give Jesus control of your life to be saved” and “Give your life to Jesus to be saved.” This is quite similar to Catholicism in so much as it looks for salvation in the human heart, and is brought about by man’s own decision.

A Catholic Priest Born From Above

Hello, my name is Henry Nowakowski.  Let me tell you my life story.[1]  I was born two years before the outbreak of WW II.  Mind you, like everyone else, I had no say whatsoever as to when I would be born, where I would be born, to whom I would be born.  No, the Creator God decided those particulars for me.  It was He who decided I would be born in mid August of 1937 to John and Nellie Nowakowski

Justification by Faith Alone

Former Roman Catholic Dominican priest presents the Biblical teaching of Justification by faith alone. Recorded at Bread of Life Fellowship Church in Wayne New Jersey. Richard weaves this doctrine with his personal testimony of coming out of the Roman Catholic Church.