The Heritage of the Reformation for the Present Time

By Richard Bennett The Reformation period was full with historical figures and an enormous amount of theological debate. However, in the midst of all the doctrinal issues and Events, there were five biblical principles accepted among the Reformers. In all matters of faith and morals, the final authority is the Bible alone. Before the All Read More


Vatican Complicity in Croatian Genocide in World War 2

By Richard Bennett and Michael De Semlyen [Editor’s note: Roman Catholic denial of the Croatian genocide continues to this day!  This article discusses Pope John Paul’s beatification of Croatian Archbishop Alois Stepinać, mastermind of the Ustaše atrocities:  http://www.balkanalysis.com/blog/2005/04/09/another-side-of-the-pope-john-paul-iis-balkan-legacy/  Read this fearful reaction to Vatican cover-up from a Jewish perspective:  https://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/246116/croatia-rewrite-holocaust-crimes-out-of-history] In 1929, Mussolini signed the Read More

From Bondage to Freedom

Mary Allen spent 26 years as a Nun. She gives a personal and very descriptive account of her long life in the convent. Her coming to true Christian salvation many years after convent life is fascinating.  PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_0 = [ { name: "From Bondage to Freedom", formats: ["mp3"], mp3: "aHR0cHM6Ly8wMmQ3Y2RiLm5ldHNvbGhvc3QuY29tL2JlcmVhbmJlYWNvbi9hcmNoaXZlcy9hdWRpby9hdWRpby9Gcm9tX0JvbmRhZ2VfdG9fRnJlZWRvbV9pbl9DaHJpc3RfTWFyeV9BbGxlbi5tcDM=", counterpart:"", artist: "", image: Read More

Doctor Lucija Tomljenovic – Chosen by God

Doctor Lucija Tomljenovic has a wonderful story of being born and raised in a Catholic family from Croatia. Her love for biology and science led her across many continents in a quest for truth in both Science and Religion. In this gripping tale you will discover how Lucija came to understand that she was Chosen Read More

Irish Nun – Peggy O’Neill

Irish Roman Catholic nun, Peggy O’Neill, served as a sister in a religious order for almost fifty years. During that time, she had never heard the true Gospel. When it comes to the Gospel there can be no compromise, because the Gospel is the power of God for salvation.    PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_1 = [ { Read More

Identifying the early Christian Church

Who were the first “Christians”? The Roman Catholic Church makes wild claims about this subject but what do we know from recorded history and the Bible? Listen as Richard Bennett provides sources and quotes to support an “undoctored” history of the Church, the Body of Christ. Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Read More

Catholic Persecution of Christian Saints in France

Chapter 5: Persecutions in France, Massacre of St. Bartholomew, and Revocation of the Edict of Nantes 29. We have already seen, in the massacres of the Waldenses of Beziers, Menerbe, Lavaur, and other places, that the emissaries of papal vengeance did not always wait for the slow process of inquisitorial examination and torture, to wreak their Read More


The Legacy of the True Historical Patrick

Ireland has a very distinctive history.  It was an island untouched by the Roman legions, and Patrick, the Evangelist, brought to it the Gospel of grace.  Patrick was descended from a family that had placed their faith in Christ Jesus for at least two generations.  He tells us his father was “the deacon Calpurnius, son Read More


History of the Jesuits

by Dr. J. A. Wylie LL.D., Excerpted from the massive 2 vol. History of Protestantism Chapter 1 Contents Rome’s New Army—Ignatius Loyola—His Birth—His Wars—He is Wounded—Betakes him to the Legends of the Saints—His Fanaticism Kindled—The Knight-Errant of Mary—The Cave at Manressa— His Mortifications—Comparison between Luther and Ignatius Loyola—An Awakening of the Con- science in both—Luther Read More

Peter the Rock

Former Roman Catholic Priest Richard Bennett analyzes the Catholic presupposition of Peter as the Rock. The linchpin of Catholic  faith. PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_2 = [ { name: "Peter the Rock", formats: ["mp3"], mp3: "aHR0cHM6Ly8wMmQ3Y2RiLm5ldHNvbGhvc3QuY29tL2JlcmVhbmJlYWNvbi9hcmNoaXZlcy9hdWRpby9hdWRpby9QZXRlcl9hbmRfdGhlX1JvY2subXAz", counterpart:"", artist: "", image: "true", imgurl: "" } ]; MP3jPLAYERS[2] = { list:MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_2, tr:0, type:'MI', lstate:true, loop:false, play_txt:'Play', pause_txt:'Pause', pp_title:'Berean Beacon', Read More